Sample Letters of Encouragement to get you started. (Your letter will be hand delievered to someone who is not getting mail from home and needs your words and thoughts to inspire them to continue in thier task. Thank you for taking a few moments to express your support. See sample letter starters below the photo.

1. Dear Soldier,   We are so proud of you and thank you for your great service to our nation and to the world. We think of your daily in our prayers and hope that your work will be complete soon so that you might return to be with those you love.  We want you to feel the support and encouragement we hope you find as we reach out today. Thank you for effort and dedication. You are missed, remembered, and honored at home.

2. Dear Service Personnel, Enclosed is a phone card for you to use to call home and talk with those who miss you the most. NOTE: If you would like to enclose a phone card, please mail them to President Obama at the White House) I hope you know that you and your service is important and appreciated. Even though you are a world away you are in our hearts and minds each day.  Keep up the good fight and work in the hope and assurance that what you do today will make for a better world for years to come. Thank you and bless you.

3. Dear Soldier,   I am a high school student and know friends who have just begun their tour of duty. We shared many adventures but none like those you share in your service. I hope you will help look after each other and know that we are proud of you and thank you for your service.  Keep up the good work and look out for each other and know that we have you in our prayers and hearts every day. Sincerely, <First Name Only>

4. Dear Soldier, As a pastor I am aware that the trials and suffering you face each day of your service are filled from the stresses of conflict to anxieties about home. Your service is appreciated and you are of great worth. We thank you for your willingness to be strong in the face of fear. We hope you know that you are a child of God that we hold in our hearts and prayers each day. Our congregation joins with others in praying for you and your loved ones at home. Keep up the good fight and know that God is with you always. Blessings!

5. Dear President Obama, as a concerned and compassionate citizen, I ask you to do all that is possible to give our services persons who have fought on our behalf and at the will of the president to help these persons to find ways to network with family and support networks to address the growing problem of suicide amoung service persons. We ask the the greatest sacrifice of these women and men and they derseve our best.  Thank you for taking action. Thank you for sharing my phone card with a soldier who needs to connect with his or her family. Thank you for your commitment to raise awarenes and to work toward solving this growing crisis.  Blessings,